love ya irwie :)

i really fuckin love niall n ashton

previously nijhoran


@Calum5SOS: "Needs to be a nandos in LA"  (credit

louis + baseball tee of the year



@brumarquezine: It was a pleasure meeting u guys! The show was amazing! U guys are really nice !!! @niallhoran @harrystyles 😎 

ashtonirwin: Had the most incredible day ever!
luke_is_a_penguin: Weeeow


nouis fanmix; [listen here]

let’s raise a glass to wild youth and the unstoppable, immortal feeling of drunken first love. well, among other substances.

nouis is not just a ship, it’s a celebration of life and laughter and cherishing every carefree moments before it passes us by. 


narry fanmix; [listen here]

you stopped looking at your well-worn map because there’s a strange feeling eating through your chest. there’s a boy sitting next to you, his laughter echoes in your ears, and you think you know exactly what that feeling is.

to all great adventurers, the greatest obstacle, is the longing feeling of home. to all lucky adventurers, there’s someone who brought home with them.


*wakes up*

*loves one direction*

*goes to sleep*

*dreams about one direction*